Kathleen & Michael : Wedding Pt. 1

Before we walked into Kathleen’s hotel room at the Gaylord Resort, we knew where she was. It wasn’t just the signs happily proclaiming “Kathleen is getting married!!” or the cloud of hair spray wafting down the hall… no, it was the laughter. The kind of group-giggle that’s synonymous with a girl getting married, and her friends being there to help her celebrate. When we walked into the suite, there were cheers and toasts, and this group of friends kept that attitude rolling all night.

Kathleen & Michael were so blessed with great friends on their wedding day, and really… what can’t be accomplished with great friends?? I’m pretty sure the grammar in that previous sentence was terrible, but the sentiment is completely correct. On Saturday afternoon at the Piazza in the Village in Colleyville, Kathleen & Michael became Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton, and it was absolutely beautiful.

Hopefully Kathleen doesn’t kill me for this next image… I just adore it. I was SO that kind of bride myself on my wedding day, the kind that needed to take deep breaths to make it down the aisle. It’s such a real moment!

Man & Wife!

While Kathleen & Michael’s guests enjoyed their cocktails, we took a few portraits around the Piazza…

Aw, you kids are so cute!

Tomorrow, I’ll share a few more portraits, and then all the pretties from the reception. See you then!