meagan & eric : wedding pt. 1

Good morning, blogstalkers!

Are you excited? I mean, really really excited?

Because you should be.

I was completely and totally unable to get Meagan & Eric’s blog selections below 120 pictures (maybe even a few more than that). And you should all be aware that the cut from 160 to now has been BRUTAL. But I’m stopping myself here, and making an executive decision (because hey… I’m the executive! 🙂 )

Meagan & Eric’s wedding will be presented in three parts instead of the normal two. Today, you’ll see the getting ready, First Sight, and portraits. Tomorrow morning, you’ll see all of Meagan’s AMAZING details, in a post entitled “Pretty Little Things”. And then tomorrow around lunchtime, you’ll get the ceremony, a few sunset portraits, and the reception!

I obviously won’t always have time to blog this much, but when a bride puts this much effort into GLORIOUS details… and then prioritizes time for Mack and I to shoot those details… well, that’s just too much yumminess to keep to myself.

We hope you enjoy!!!

Meagan & Eric were married on Sunday, and we were so happy for them. The tears, the laughing… even the stressful parts… it all led up to us getting to watch two dear friends finally tie the knot. We feel like the friendship we’ve created with Meg & Eric is one of the biggest blessings we’ve gotten out of photography, and shooting their wedding was a true honor!

As I said in Meagan’s bridal post, the girl was working some SERIOUS style on her wedding day. A tea-length vintage-inspired Justin Alexander dress, paired with a feather&ribbon fascinator and some KILLER Christian Louboutin heels, made for a totally envy-worthy wedding day look. Meg managed to keep her style for the wedding day a complete secret from Eric, so I know he was surprised to see it all come together.

We’ll start off our photo journey through the day with Meg at her hotel room, where I shot just a few pretty things before she donned the dress.

The programs were actually a 12-page storybook about the couple… we’re particularly proud of them, because they were designed by my genius husband. 🙂

Eric’s little wedding day detail was his cufflinks, featuring the Gryffindor crest. With the entire wedding being themed around classic books, it was only fitting that the groom wear a symbol from Harry Potter!

The couple met in the lobby of the Ashton Hotel in downtown Fort Worth (their wedding night hotel) for their First Sight. I cried a bit, I’ll just go ahead and admit it. First is Mack’s view, then my own…

The couple chose to exchange gifts after they saw each other, and it was so cool to watch their reactions. Meg received a beautiful rose gold ring, which she was thrilled about:

… while Eric received a gift that was a little more, *ahem* revealing. His reaction, too, was priceless!

We took a few more portraits around the Ashton… taking advantage of that lovely window light!

I told Mack to focus on the shoes whenever he could, and boy, did he take that to heart! Love these two shots of his…

While Mack was taking this:

I was taking these:

Time for a little fun with friends!

Handsome men…

… and beautiful ladies! The girls at this wedding were so fabulous that I just couldn’t be forced to pick between these two pictures. 🙂

If I was Meagan, this next picture would be my new desktop image. Just sayin’.


Come back tomorrow morning, lovelies. I promise it’ll be worth the return trip. 🙂