meagan & eric : wedding pt. 2 “Pretty little things”

(By popular demand, Part 2 of Meagan & Eric’s wedding got bumped up a day! Don’t forget to scroll down and see all the Getting Ready, First Sight & portrait goodness of Part 1. Enjoy!)

The first gift that Eric ever bought Meagan was a copy of “Pride & Prejudice”, which he brought home from the Jane Austen house after a trip to London to visit family. Clearly, this man knew the way into his lady’s heart.

When Eric proposed to Meagan, he did so in front of Windsor Castle.

Meagan has told me that, start to finish, their love story has felt like a fairy tale… like a classic story to be read again and again. Complete with the sweeping romance, the “oh, how will they ever make it?” sadness, the fear, and finally the victory. Meg & Eric have finally started the Happily Ever After portion of their love story.

The bride planned her entire day around that theme. Vintage books, old glassware, knick-knacks from another time… the entire event was Antique Store Chic. And the books… oh, the books. If you know me, then you know my love of books. The way they smell, the way they feel. My dream house has a huge library like in the animated “Beauty & The Beast”. So a wedding themed around books? Yeah. I love that.

Florals for the event were provided by Lynda Bridwell and D’Anna Garrett with Classic Flowers & Gifts in Bridgeport, TX. We’ve worked with these ladies before, and will again, and I ALWAYS know that what they create is going to be fabulous.

The background of The Belltower Chapel & Garden was perfect for this intimate event. With a guest list of a little less than 150, and a reception split between indoors and outdoors, the fit was divine. The stained glass windows and Neo-Tudor style architecture perfectly reflected that fairytale vibe, and the staff at the Belltower was truly awesome for this event. Two thumbs up, Wendy! 🙂

But other than that, folks, this wedding was ALL Meagan. The girl was a machine. She pre-assembled every single tablescape and photographed it for her decor team. She scoured her grandmother’s house and thrift stores for the perfect pieces. Meagan, darling, give yourself a hug, because your wedding turned out BEAUTIFULLY!

Now that we’ve covered all our bases, let’s take a look at some of my favorite detail pictures, shall we?

The little flying pig on the head table was quite possibly my favorite detail of the entire day…

Outside the entrance to the chapel, Meg set up a little “just because” vignette that I LOVED. It’s details like this that really make a design, I think. So, I took lots of pictures of it.

Another little vignette, this time under a tree in a garden. It features a big digital picture frame with all their engagement pictures… man, that must have been a present from someone pretty awesome. 🙂

I loved the arbor strung with lights and a chandelier above the cake… such a good use of space!

Who needs a groom’s cake when you can have donut holes? Lots and lots of donut holes.

Feathers in a bouquet? Yes please.

Fun, huh? I just love pretty little things

I hope you’ll come back and spend your Friday morning with us, too! I’m preparing Part 3 of Meagan & Eric’s wedding blog extravaganza… you’ll finally get to see, ya know, the wedding. 🙂