South Texas photo safari

On our way back from the wedding we shot in Brenham last weekend, Mack and I made several stops.

Although it was seven billion degrees outside, none of these stops were for the purpose of getting a cold drink.

Nope… we stopped along the road to take pictures of old storefronts, crazy cornfields, and broken down school buses.

Mack played with HDR… I played with the new lens and some funky angles.

Because it’ll be a few days until our next “real” post, I thought you kids might enjoy seeing some of the funky textures and scapes we captured on our drive…

Children of the Corn, much? Except I’m not scary…

Some dead neon in Calvert, TX…. I think. All those towns kind of run together when you’re speeding by on the highway. But until I get a rockin’ Vegas wedding, this is as close as I’ll get to shooting in the Neon Boneyard. Yes! That was a hint! Book me for your Vegas wedding, and I’ll cut you a sweet deal! 😉

We had a few minutes to kill before the ceremony on Saturday in Independence, TX, and manged to get ourselves lost. But on the way back to psuedo-civilization, we found this ancient cemetery. Not ancient, as in, like, ROMAN, or anything… but really flippin’ old. There were graves from people born in the 1700s! That kind of thing just fascinates me.
Does anyone know what this symbol means? I’m dying to know.

This headstone had very obviously been broken for some time, but I was careful to walk around it.

Mack caught these two on some historical grounds in Independence. The stuff he does with HDR makes my head spin, but I like looking at it!


This is the storefront of the little gas station in Independence. I won’t lie, I was a little afraid. I’m sure they’re very nice people. But I won’t deny sending my best friend a txt message saying “I’m afraid hillbillies are going to eat my brains!”

And I’m not sure WHERE Mack caught this shot, but I like it…

I wish we’d have gotten to spend more time in downtown Brenham. There was some really cool stuff down there.




Somewhere between Independence and College Station, we passed an old farmhouse with this blue bus parked out in the pasture. I was so enamored of it that Mack knocked on their door and asked if we could take pictures of their bus… a request the homeowner frankly didn’t understand. But at least they let us go play! I’m not sure how a church bus ended up with bullet holes in the windows, and I won’t ask. But we had such find climbing around this thing… trying not to annoy the cows that surrounded it.

I’ll show Mack’s HDR stuff first, even though his awesome-ness will make my regular stuff look lame afterwards… 😉


And now, for my boring NORMAL resolution stuff… Still fun, though, I think.





Wait! What’s this last one doing here! 😉


That’s not a random texture… that’s how Chelsea makes it through wedding weekends! Yes, yes. I am an addict.

Thanks for stopping by, guys. We have the rare weekend off, so we’re headed up north to visit hubby’s family. Two fun portrait sessions next week, tho, so stay tuned!