A “behind the scenes” super sneaker

Today, I braved the cold wind with Jennifer, JJ, and their daughter Hayley for some Christmas pictures. And although we froze our noses and our toes-es, I think it was totally worth it!

You’ll see the full blog post of my favorite images within a day or two, but as I’m sitting here on a bit of a coffee buzz (Don’t judge! Once a week for this preggo!), I decided it was high time to feature another “before and after” shot on the blog.

Straight out of the camera, the following shot really caught my heart. There’s such warmth and love!


Obviously, though, there’s lots of room for some McG-style lovin’!

For all you techies out there, I started with our skin retouching tools and a little liquify. Have I mentioned that I’d pay someone my entire salary to walk around behind me with a Real-Life Liquify tool? Why hasn’t anyone invented this yet?!?!?

After that, I used a mix of a few actions from the Totally Rad Revenge set, all on low opacity. The main difference is made by a little Punch Out and Burn Out!

What we’re left with is a gorgeous, vibrant picture of a beautiful laughing Mom, a fat happy baby, and an adoring Daddy. I love this picture!


Stay tuned for the rest of the Strain family session in a few days!