A Year in Review : 2017 Engagements

I’m gonna be real honest, y’all… I’m considering January 2018 to be 2017 Recovery. The new year starts NOW. Everyone cool with that?

Usually, we post our “Year in Review” either at the end of December, or in early January. Well, we had three December weddings and therefore much craziness, and then we traveled a bit in January for my sister’s wedding. So basically, time got away from us, and here it is FEBRUARY, and it’s the beyond time we did some looking back at the beautiful people we met in 2017.

Speaking of looking back, here’s some links to the last several years for you newbies (or old blogstalkers who want a trip down McG Memory Lane). It’s fun to see where we’ve come from, and it’s also an unashamed opportunity to show potential wedding clients that, “HEY, we’ve been putting out good work for a while.” I could post links all the way back to “Best of 2009”, but let’s not get carried away. 😉

2013 : Wedding Portraits, Engagements, Brides, Details, Real Moments, Everything Else

2014: Wedding Portraits, Engagements, Brides, Details, Real Moments

2015: Wedding Portraits, Engagements, Brides & Details, Real Moments

2016: Wedding Portraits, Engagements, Brides, Details, Real Moments

And now, let’s start celebrating 2017 with a look at some standouts from last year’s engagement sessions!


siiiiiiigh, yeah, I’m happy to start the week this way. 🙂

See you all tomorrow!