Engagement Sessions

We are constantly striving to capture our clients’ genuine selves in their portraits… their real laughs, the intimacy, the unique spirit. Because we place such a high priority on getting to know each bride & groom we photograph, we started giving our engagement sessions away for free to everyone who books a wedding. 

After an engagement session, everyone walks away feeling like old friends, completely comfortable in our relationship, and confident in making magic on the wedding day with no nerves or worries at all.
Our engagement sessions vary greatly from couple to couple, because we aren’t just focused on getting a pretty portrait for the newspaper. Our goal is to photograph our clients looking like themselves. In fact, many of our engagement sessions take the form of a well-dressed date night.
Ultimately, when a friend of the bride comments on an engagement session blog and says, ” OMG, these are SO you guys“, then we know it’s a job well done.