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It’s totally normal for people to be anxious before an engagement session. For most of our clients, engagement portraits are the first professional pictures they’ve had taken since their senior photos… and most of them have also never had to be all romantic for a camera. We know that it’s more common for a groom to complain about having to take engagement photos than to NOT complain, and we’re ok with that.

Mostly, because Mack is the same way. Mack HATES having his picture taken. He’s gotten better over the years, but it’s definitely still something he’d rather avoid. He says it’s safer on the other side of the camera.

Knowing his own feelings, Mack makes it his #1 priority to make sure our grooms don’t hate the experience. We keep our sessions moving, they’re fast, we’re joking, and before you know it, it’s over. An overwhelming majority of our clients, husband & wife, end up actively looking forward to seeing us for anniversary photos, and we consider that a job well done. Portraits can feel awkward, sure… but I think we tell enough fart jokes to keep anyone from taking it too seriously. 😉

Anyway, all that to say that Gabi & Ferris were definitely one of those couples who showed up nervous and talking about how awkward they are, and we had a blast proving them wrong. This session is just so soft & gorgeous… early winter light is delicious.


Something about this next photo just makes me swoon all over the place.

That last image was taken by Nikki, as were lots of others in this blog post. We’re so excited that Gabi & Ferris picked Nikki to shoot their wedding this coming spring… she’s a perfect fit for their event, and we can’t WAIT to see the results!

  • Lynda Walls - So cute!

  • Gabrielle - Oh my gosh! So many heart eyes!!! you three are the best ! Thank you for making us feel comfortable and telling us what to do with our hands 😉 can’t wait for the wedding photos!

** I don’t think I’ve ever been political on this blog. We don’t really have much separation between our professional and personal lives, but I definitely don’t invite any drama to this space. However, I am a writer first, and the current state of the world has drawn me to not only do a lot of research, but to be very outspoken on Facebook. Great conversations have resulted. My thoughts today are a bit long for a Facebook, and perhaps a little “political”… but I choose to believe they are simply reflective, grateful, and most of all hopeful. I hope the words I write, however insignificant they might actually be, reach someone’s ears who needs to hear them. I am unimportant, but I believe my voice is not… none of our voices are unimportant.**


It’s Thanksgiving. A time when we pause to remember what we’re grateful for, and talk about the founding of our great nation.

When we, the people now known as Americans, got to this country, we were running. And some of us did some pretty terrible things to the people who were already here… out of fear, out of desperation, out of ignorance.

And from that pain, America was born. A place where ALL can be free, where we can believe what we want to believe. America : where there’s no state-sponsored religion. Where my children can audibly thank God for their food before they eat their lunch, and others can choose not to. Where some of my weddings are performed in the name of Jesus, others in the name of Allah, some in the name of love alone. Where I, as a woman, can own a business, and get tattoos, and wear whatever the heck I want to, and where others are totally allowed to think I’m insanely inappropriate. (They’re probably right.)

I am thankful for America. So very very thankful for the legacy of freedom, the heritage of not only tolerance, but CELEBRATION of difference. America is the Home of the belief that it takes all kinds to make a truly successful nation.

Happy Thanksgiving, America. May we remember our roots, be grateful for our freedom, and keep fighting to protect that promise for all who live here, those on their way, and those still dreaming of a day when they too can be called Americans. This is still the land of opportunity, just like it was when that ship finally landed and our ancestors drew their first breath of free air, and thanked their God for bringing them here safely.

We are ALL so blessed to be here.


  • ann - This is a few days late but I thought this deserved a comment. You spoke the truth. One of my favorite lines from The American President has been on my mind a lot lately because it is the truth: “America isn’t easy. America is advanced citizenship. You gotta want it bad, ’cause it’s gonna put up a fight. It’s gonna say “You want free speech? Let’s see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil, who’s standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours. You want to claim this land as the land of the free? Then the symbol of your country can’t just be a flag; the symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest. Show me that, defend that, celebrate that in your classrooms.”

Jenna & Mike both went to high school with me (Chelsea). We knew each other, but weren’t close friends. In the last couple years, Jenna & I have become grownup friends, because I have her art all over my skin. 😉

She’s the incredible artist who’s done the watercolor tattoo work on both of my arms, and will soon be adding that to my right thigh. She’s my absolute most favorite, and it’s an honor to be her canvas. That said, I told her she absolutely didn’t need to feel pressured to hire me for her 2016 wedding just because she’s had needles in my skin. I told her we’d be thrilled to shoot it, but I’d also be happy to help her find anything else she was looking for.

Needless to say, we’re real excited that we’re the ones who get to photograph Jenna & Mike over the next 8 months until they’re officially Mr. & Mrs. Patterson.

We shot this engagement session in Denton, starting at CTC Auto Ranch. We’re so grateful that this awesome couple gave us free range to shoot somewhere we’ve never worked, and create some images we’ve had on our mental drawing board for a while. The results are such a perfect snapshot of who these people are at this moment in their lives… they’re crazy in love, and also, well, just crazy. Laughing together is their real life. And it’s wonderful to see.

Check out some favorites:


When Mack says “I have an idea”, it’s a good idea to just hold the light where he says to, and watch the awesome happen.


The next shot might be my favorite of the whole session. This one just feels so happy to me.


Sure, it’s a June wedding… but everyone needs a fun Christmas photo, right?


You two are SO much fun. Next time, the beers & burgers are on us… and hopefully that next time is soon!

Our second-to-last wedding of the year was a serious doozy. Gorgeous people, beautiful venues, a fantastic wedding party, and a dance floor to rival any we’ve shot. Chris & Julie were the perfect mix of excited and confident all day long… the confidence that comes from knowing that you’ve found your forever.

The ceremony was held at Fort Worth First Christian Church, with the reception at Colonial Country Club, where the couple first met. The day was a creative challenge for Mack and I, as all bride & groom portraits would be taking place after dark… but when we’re faced with something other than our “normal”, that just pushes us to rock our job in a different way. We LOVE this collection of images, and we’re excited to finally share them with Julie & Chris!

It was a miracle to get this collection narrowed down even just this far, so settle in and prepare for lots of pretty:


I think I might have scared the church groundskeeper early in the day… he was walking a hose to these steps to spray the leaves off them, and I knew that meant the front steps would be too wet for my wedding party portraits. I had to convince him just to sweep instead, and PROMISE that the bride wouldn’t be mad if the stairs “weren’t clean enough”. I’m glad he trusted me… this is exactly what we had in mind for these groups!


The following set is an example of Mack and I both shooting a ceremony at the same time… totally different results. (and don’t worry, I have images without the McG photobomb 😉 )

McGowanImages_Julie&ChrisWedding_ColonialCountryClub_21McGowanImages_Julie&ChrisWedding_ColonialCountryClub_22McGowanImages_Julie&ChrisWedding_ColonialCountryClub_23McGowanImages_Julie&ChrisWedding_ColonialCountryClub_24McGowanImages_Julie&ChrisWedding_ColonialCountryClub_25McGowanImages_Julie&ChrisWedding_ColonialCountryClub_26McGowanImages_Julie&ChrisWedding_ColonialCountryClub_27McGowanImages_Julie&ChrisWedding_ColonialCountryClub_28McGowanImages_Julie&ChrisWedding_ColonialCountryClub_29McGowanImages_Julie&ChrisWedding_ColonialCountryClub_30McGowanImages_Julie&ChrisWedding_ColonialCountryClub_31Mr. & Mrs. Neuman!


Special thanks to Sarah with Colonial Country Club. Not only was she incredibly helpful with a fast-paced reception timeline, but she secured a golf cart and a driver so that Julie & Chris could take a few photos at the 13th hole, where they met for the first time.


The following photo is the kind of moment we especially love capturing at a wedding… it’s SO 2015. When they show their wedding pictures to grandchildren, they’ll get to explain the culture of the selfie, and how awesome it was to have that personal view of such a special moment.


When it was time for Time Machine Band to bring the party, this little stud was the first one on the dance floor, clapping and yelling “HURRAY!”


It didn’t take long for grownups to fill up the floor, and so started one of the best dance parties we’ve photographed all year.


Toward the end of the night, the band leader called Julie & Chris up on stage. They proceeded to channel their best Tina Turner and give an outstanding performance of “Proud Mary”. FAVORITE.


Congratulations, guys. You’ve really been such a joy to work with over the last year, and we’re so happy to have been able to capture all these memories we know you’ve been waiting to create.

Now, let’s plan that Alaska fishing trip. 😉

Taylor & Corey are getting married next summer, and bringing us all the way up into the Texas panhandle to photograph the festivities. They made the nearly-six-hour drive down to us last week for their engagement session, and LORDY was it pretty. Corey started out pretty unsure of the whole thing, but within 20 minutes he had completely relaxed. Once our grooms realize that all they REALLY have to do is look at their sweethearts, things tend to go quite smoothly even for the photophobic. 😉

I know Taylor is dying to see all our favorites, so let’s get to the pictures!


Her happy giggle might be the cutest thing ever.


HELLO green eyes!!


Thank you guys so much for driving all the way out here to play. Your wedding is less than 200 days away now… can you believe it?

  • ann - So cute. And #20 (4th from bottom) – LOVE!! That adorable couple, the sky, those clouds!!!

  • beatrice - Love them all. My handsome grandson, and beautiful future granddaughter.