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Let’s have a backyard movie night, she said.

It’ll be fun and super easy, she said.

She… well… ME. That’s me. I said that. And I was right about half. It was SUPER fun.:)

The thing is, even after the bug bites and the hauling furniture and the burned brownies and the cancellations and fighting with the dadgum projector… ya know what? It was perfect. Sometimes, you just need to lay in the backyard in gorgeous 75 degree weather, with like-minded, snort-laughing, wine-sipping girlfriends on blankets all around you, and remember who you are.

This little party absolutely solidified in my mind that I need to make more time for female friendships en masse. Quarterly get-togethers are a must. It’s just so refreshing!

Until next time, ladies… #dontspraymyweave


Happy Monday, and welcome to one of the last “slow blog weeks” of the entire year!:)We’ve been gearing up for busy season lately, getting closer and closer, and with the start of October comes the official crazy. I mean, it doesn’t sound so intense when you say “three engagement sessions, three boudoir sessions, and a bridal session”. That’s totally normal. But add in four weddings and THIRTY FIVE FAMILY SESSIONS, and we know we’ll be earning our keep this month for sure.:)

We’re absolutely ready to tackle it, though. Our spirits are refreshed after an easy summer, and we’re ready to make some magic for LOTS of people in the next two months!

Kendall & Al are McG blog standards… they do the spring & the fall minis together every year. But this year, they got their own special session when Kendall won one of the prizes in the “Know Your McG” contest, so they came out to the country to visit us last week!

When we started photographing Kendall & Al in 2011, Al was scared to death of the camera and SO uncomfortable in our sessions. I’m so glad we’ve broken him out of that… he smiles freely and loves on his gorgeous wife without hesitation now!:)


You have no idea how honored we are to be such a regular part of your lives. Someday, your grandchildren & great-grandchildren are going to LOVE having such a documented history of your love. See y’all in the spring.:)

  • Kendall - Just going to reiterate what I already said: The level of high pitch squeal this morning was enough to break windows :D I love you guys so so so so much. I swear, I just need you guys to follow me every day and make me feel pretty like this all the time :) You two and Meg are seriously a pretty dreamteam

  • Adria - I second that high pitched squeal! LOVE these!!

  • Nicole - Such a sweet, pretty session!

When we got the wedding inquiry from Brittny & Jonathan, it was love at first sight email. From the excited way the bride-to-be spoke about their New Orleans wedding, to the history of their relationship together, and then all the way through margaritas & queso at Blue Mesa talking over details, we just knew they were one of those perfect McG couples. They drove out to the country to meet us at sunrise for a gorgeous natural engagement session, and didn’t even blink when we had them tromping through a field full of grass burs, or making dangerous u-turns on busy highways. Basically, they love what we do, and we love what they bring to the party, and I can’t WAIT for what the rest of our relationship has in store.

Brittny & Jonathan, you guys got us stoked for the upcoming season. Thank you. Hopefully you (and the rest of the McG blogstalking community) love these photos as much as we do!:)


Mack. With that wide angle. You’re KILLIN it, babe.


Mustn’t forget to give a shout out to MegB for fantastical hair & makeup on this session. You’re my favorite.:)


For their second outfit, Brittny & Jonathan chose a perfectly relaxed plaid & plaid look that so easily worked with the “just turning into fall” landscape. I love no-fuss ensembles!


You. Guys. Let’s do this again, k? Too much fun.

  • Brittny - AHHHHHHHH. I cannot contain my love for the 3 of you. Seriously. Incredible. I’m in love with every single one. You guys are just magical.

  • Beth - Magical is right! Lovely photographs of special people. Xoxo

  • Kendall - This girl is ridiculously adorable. Her smile is 100% contagious! So much pretty!

  • Rachel - Once again, amazing work! I am always on the edge of my seat to see the blog post… especially after you share a small preview! Such beautiful pictures!!!

  • Giselle Huet - Beautiful!!! All of it! And the makeup…Awesome!

  • meg-B - Worth all the stickers, chiggers, sneezes and allergies! So happy to kick off this couple’s wedding journey with you guys :)

  • Kylie - My oh my, I need pictures like these in my life. Absolutely gorgeous! I can only imagine how gorgeous the wedding will be!

Julie was the winner of our “Know Your McG” contest, and chose to take her free McG session in the form of family portraits with her kids. And thank GOODNESS she did. Can you believe this beautiful family hasn’t had portraits taken together since before the youngest was BORN?!?! That’s over 20 years! Ridiculous. Glad we could fix it.:)

If you saw the “McG & Traditional Portraiture” blog we posted here on Monday, this is kind of an extension of that. We get a little looser when it’s just one family group and there are no mobility issues to keep in mind, but our goal is the same… we want to blend classic portraits (everyone smiling at the camera) with our constant personal goal of capturing genuine spirits & emotions in natural feeling images.

Julie & her kids picked PERFECT outfits for this outdoor sunset session, and we hope the experience was painless enough to encourage the crew not to wait 20 years before the next portrait.:)

Enjoy a couple favorites!


A necessary component of any family session?

LAUGHTER. Lots of it.


Thank you so much for making time to come out & have us photograph you. We hope you all love these as much as we do!:)

  • Julie - Thank you guys sooo much for this opportunity. I am loving these pictures and how they captured my kids personalities in their laughter. It is a true treasure for me! Thank you for not killing us when we didn’t follow directions ;)

Until such time as we photograph a wedding for clients made completely out of cotton candy, Kristen will probably hold the title as the sweetest McG bride of all time. This is a woman who just radiates care & compassion for the world around her, and after meeting her family, it’s easy to see where she got it. Kristen & Lucas were married on Friday the 13th in downtown Fort Worth last December, and it was one of those easy-happy days that are such a joy for a photographer.

She’s definitely one of our brides with great insight into the planning process, so I’m glad she took the time to answer some of our  questions for this week’s installment of “Ask a McG Bride”!


On choosing the wedding date…

Christmas is a very special time for us because that’s when we first met. We knew we wanted to get married in that season, but not TOO close to Christmas. We ultimately picked the one day that was open at the YWCA that fit our criteria, and it was 6 months after our engagement.

On prioritizing intimacy and simplicity…

We knew we wanted a small, intimate event. My fiance and parents were there to support my decision making, but didn’t care too much about the details. We were able to stay in our budget ballpark by the end of it… or, at least, MY ballpark.:)In planning a wedding you envision perfection, but reality always sets in. Our day-of schedule didn’t go the way I planned, but at the end of the day, as long as you’re married everything is a success.


On the worth of a good wedding planner…

Wedding planning started out fun, but it got stressful as the day drew closer. I felt much better after we hired someone about a month before the wedding to help with the final logistics. If I had it to do over again, I would have budgeted more for a planner, and sooner in the process. It was a big relief to me to know that someone would be there to set up and tear down, and would have a better idea about things I needed and wasn’t aware of. It would have been nice to have that guidance throughout the whole process!

On her favorite moment of the day…

I think my most cherished moment of the day was escaping for a few moments with my new husband and the McG’s to take some shots in Sundance Square after the ceremony. Taking that time away helped me draw a deep breath for a minute, and realize that one of the most important moments of my whole life had just occurred.


Oooooh, looking at these photos puts me in a festive mood! I could use a little Christmas in my life right now. Thank you so much for setting aside a little time to write about your wedding experience, Kristen… we appreciate your sweet spirit!:)