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We do a dozen or so bridal sessions every year, and usually several after-wedding Bride & Groom sessions on top of that. But when Miss A approached me (Chelsea) with the idea for something different, I jumped all over it!

See, Miss A doesn’t have wedding & bridal pictures she looks back at in love. Her photography experience, she said, left a lot to be desired. And not only can this hot mama of two still fit into her wedding dress, but she actually had to have it taken IN a little bit! Man, I wish that was the case with mine!

Anyway, when this gorgeous gal committed to booking a Girls on Film session and driving in from out of state for the August boudoir minis, she asked if she could have her wedding gown be part of the shoot… using it as an opportunity to get those beautiful bridal portraits she’s always wanted.

The answer? Absolutely!

Sundance Square around sunrise was perfect for this soft, sweet… but also kinda sexy bridal mini session. Check it out!


And THAT is where we end this session… for the main blog, at least.;)Hop on over to Girls on Film to see the rest that this lovely gal approved for sharing!:)

There are many varied opinions about whether or not these blessedly cooler North Texas temperatures will stick around for good, but one thing is for sure… highs in the 70s multiple days in a row means the sun is setting on another wonderful summer.

We’ve been lucky to have lots of great adventures, both personally & professionally, this summer. We photographed beautiful weddings and sessions, traveled with our kiddos, and spent good time with good friends. We feel like we got more QUALITY time while the kids were out of school this summer, and that was particularly welcome. As they get older, it’s more and more noticeable how fast the days fly by.

But that doesn’t just apply to our kids… it applies to our time with friends, too. Mack and I consider ourselves very fortunate to have the group of close friends we do. We can count on each other in good times and bad, in celebrations and in struggles. We can travel internationally, or we can lay around in someone’s living room. What matters most is that a few times a year, this group of people from all different backgrounds takes a sacrificial break from their “real lives” and prioritizes time spent with one another. We don’t take that time for granted because, really, who knows how many of these trips we’ll get?

We closed down Summer 2014 with our wolfpack last weekend at the Treehouse in Kingsland on Lake LBJ. We rented this house on VRBO, and the photos on the website did NOT do it justice… so we took some beautiful ones for them.;)Our entire crew was SUPER comfy in this property for four nights, and there were 7 double beds left with no one sleeping in them. I think we’ll definitely be using this property again in the future.


Two of the nights we were at the treehouse, we got to swim & watch a killer storm front blow in. Swimming in the rain might be one of my favorite things in the world.


On Saturday, we rented a boat! Well, actually, we rented TWO boats. The first one they brought us kept making terribly disconcerting noises, so we had to take it back and get a new one, which was kiiiiind of a pain. But hey, it’s worth it for lots of time with the wind in our hair (and laughing as everyone falls off the tube!)


The vast majority of the photos I shot of everyone and their “water sports” look something like this….


Needless to say, none of the Wolfpack will be dominating the X games anytime soon.;)But I did manage to get some fun ones of everyone, and Mack got some *ahem* amusing shots of me as well!

I’m pretty disappointed in myself now that I didn’t get an epic portrait of our buddy, Captain Eric. Poor dude is nursing a back injury and couldn’t bounce around on a tube or kneeboard, but he sure made certain that everyone else was having an amazing time!


No, Meagan didn’t go fast without a life vest.

No, that’s not a big diamond necklace… it’s a shiny tattoo. She’s just almost too cute for the lake.;)


I think I win for the most ridiculous faces made while tubing.


Kevin wrapped the party up and made us all look bad with his athletic prowess. He went backwards and everything! I thought my arms were going to pop out of socket just getting up onto the kneeboard, so I was super impressed with KB’s skills.


Sunday was a lazy day, spent fishing & braiding hair & eating too much, and then exploring Inks Lake. We loved getting to show our best friends one of our favorite spots in the world, and the weather was completely gorgeous for exploring.


A little photo evidence of Mack & Meagan doing a big cliff jump toward the end of the evening…


And then on Monday, home. Back to real lives, and kids, and careers… and planning the next time we can get together and be pointedly irresponsible together again.


Thank God for friends that are the same kind of different as us.


  • Nicole - So much awesome in all of these photos! Can’t wait for the next get together!!!

  • stephanie - Thank you so much for these photos — I now know without a shadow of a doubt that tubing is definitely not for me. :) Beautiful photos as always!

Mack and I have been in love with the Marble Falls area for years now. We love vacationing there, day tripping there, even just driving through the pretty little lake town. We posted a few photos earlier this summer of a family trip to Inks Lake State Park and Devil’s Waterhole, and Allison immediately emailed me and said, “That. I want that. For engagement pictures.”

I proceeded to explain to Allison that we’ve been dying to shoot some sessions in this spot (one of our favorites in the whole state), but that it was going to be pretty physically demanding with all the hiking involved. Allison reassured me that she & Brett were all-in, and excited to see what we would come up with.

Fast forward to last week, with the most beautiful blue sky and puffy white clouds, delicious breezes and a little green still on the trees. The climbing & hiking and (ahem) jumping to get these photos might have worn us all out, but I hope you’ll agree, the end-product was so totally worth it.

We started our session at Longhorn Caverns. We didn’t go down INTO the caves (at least, not on this trip), but just the public areas are plenty awesome.


These lovebirds have been together for several years, and the easy nature of their relationship makes them so much fun to photograph. You can tell instantly that they truly are best friends, and enjoy every second they spend together.

But, ya know, they can pull out the smolder faces when we need a break from laughing.;)


If you haven’t noticed Allison’s stunning eyes before now, you’ll definitely notice them now! And no, that isn’t photoshop magic. She’s just gorgeous.


After the caverns, we drove down a few miles of beautiful country rode and hit Inks Lake State Park, and then hiked over to the area around the Devils Waterhole. This truly is the most magical place in Texas, as far as I’m concerned, and I could shoot forty-eleven sessions here and never get tired of it.


Remember what I said about Jumping?? Yeah. That happened. If you’ve got to get into the lake for steamy wet end-of-session photos, you might as well get into it in the most fun way possible, right?

Allison & Brett showed that 20 foot cliff who’s BOSS.


I almost felt like Mack and I should avert our eyes from this last scene. Instead, we just embraced our creeper natures and took lots of pictures.:)


You guys. You’re smokin’ hot, so much fun, and we’re so glad you chose us to capture all these special moments for you. Whyyyyy does your wedding have to still be 7 months away?

  • Allison - Ahhh I don’t even know where to start! 1. You made me cry a little!!! 2. You totally captured every aspect of our relationship! Playful, sassy, serious (every once in awhile) and so much love. Brett has always made me feel beautiful and sexy but y’all captured it on film, which as awkward as I can be around a camera, is no easy feat!! 3. You and Mack just ooze passion for your craft. Working with you guys is such a blessing, you put us as ease and made us laugh throughout the entire session. It’s easy to tell you don’t just want to snap a few photos and move on, you make ART out of normal people and capture a moment full of excitement and love.

    My only complaint? I am just a tiny bit disappointed the pics of me having a nearly full blown panic attack before our “romantic” cliff jump didn’t make it in the blog ;)

    Seriously can’t thank you enough, I will treasure these pictures for the rest of my life.

    Now if I can just wait out the next 7 months….

  • Vicky - SO STEAMY!! Love them!

  • M-Dawg - Holy wowzers! What a fantastic shoot! That one with THE SKY!!!!!!! And those in-the-water shots, DANG! Beautifully done, McGs, as always. <3

  • Shawna Campbell - Wow….love the water shot……my favorite…steamy and hot but also tasteful in every aspect…..great capture to truly see what your couple is all about. Love your work.

  • Rhonda Watts - OMG! The passion in those photos! Amazing. You guys are an awesome team.

  • Kaitlyn - As someone who has seen this relationship grow from the very beginning, I could not be more thrilled with how you captured their love. As I knew you would because you did the same for us! This shoot is killer!! Also – I’m still not convinced Brett didn’t push Allison off of the cliff… ;)

  • Paula Vaughan - WOW!! This is probably my favourite session you guys have ever done. You can feel the chemistry in these photos and I may have had to fan myself with the last few. What a stunning couple. Good luck for the future you two.

    You and Mack inspire me as a photographer and I love getting the little pings saying another post is available from your website. You have given me confidence to want to pursue my photography and and play around with portraits. Thank you for being you and capturing these amazing moments for people.

    Paula. http://paulavaughan.blogspot.ca/

  • Nicole - BEAUTIFUL session!!!!

  • Erica - Oh man! I didn’t have access to a computer Friday and an iPhone really doesn’t capture these images well enough. This is brilliant! I love every shot! You guys are awesome!!!

One of the most moving, heartbreaking experiences we’ve ever had while traveling. We’re glad we were able to pay our respects.

Say a prayer today for those who still struggle with the wounds of being left behind, and for the leaders of our country as they work to continue to keep us safe.



Now that we’re solidly entrenched in the third week of the school year, it’s safe to say this is going to work out just fine. I don’t mind saying we were nervous about starting this year… Jack has begun 6th grade and six-man junior high f0otball, and Dorothy has started full-day Pre-K three days a week. It hit me all of a sudden… my kids aren’t going to be KIDS for very much longer. It won’t be that long until Jack is starting high school, and Dorothy’s school won’t involve naptime, and… and… ugh. Ok. I just don’t like thinking about it.

Maybe next year, when I’m not so new at this whole “both kids heading off to school” thing, we’ll try for some sort of bigger Back to School photo shoot. This year, I was juuuuust able to keep it together for a front porch photo.


The great thing about starting school, though, is seeing how brave my kids are. Jack dives head first into each new year totally fearless, and he’s having SO much fun at football practice. They’ve had a scrimmage, and their first real game is this week… I’ll try not to be such a nervous mama about the whole thing.;)


Dorothy LOVES her class and her teachers, and is bummed out every time we arrive to pick her up. She’s learning something new every day, and hearing that she’s sweet & helpful in school makes me so proud.


As crazy as these last couple weeks have been, I’m really glad we took some time “off” to slow down and really soak it up. We might just make this a habit from now on… the last week of summer and the first week of school are “no work zones”, so we can all get used to a new schedule. Because we love our job, we love our clients, we love traveling and creating art. But we will always ALWAYS love these precious kids more.


Actually, that’s not true. We did a quick “what’s in your bedroom” shoot for each kid after the first day of school, because they can both be found most often curled up in their rooms reading and imagining and dreaming. We’re not photoshop wizards by any stretch, but the addition of the castle to Dorothy’s shot seemed so HER… and of course, Jack has his trusty light saber featured prominently in his. We love these beautiful spirits.


Here’s to an awesome year!

  • Aunt Ambo - Love these kiddos so much. Know they are meant for wonderful futures! So proud to be Aunt Ambo!!