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We didn’t know until a few hours before Sarah & Justin’s wedding if it was even going to happen.

I mean, we DID know. We had it on the calendar for months & months. But when wedding weekend rolled around, and brought with it stubborn ice & snow, Sarah kept us in the loop. She wasn’t certain all their vendors & guests could make it safely, and it was this bride & groom’s ULTIMATE priority that everyone was safe & sound.

Luckily, on Saturday afternoon, the roads began to thaw. So the team of vendors they had chosen made it (slowly) to Fort Worth, where Sarah & Justin said their I Do’s at Holy Family Catholic Church, and then danced with their nearest & dearest at Ashton Depot.

It wasn’t the sunny afternoon wedding they had in mind… but you know what? They’re MARRIED. And at the end of the day, wasn’t that the whole point?


Bad weather last week and the next few days has stolen the pretty out of our schedule… pushing sessions back always bums me out. But I’ll have more of this wedding to share toward the end of the week, and God Willing, some new sessions starting soon!! It’s wedding season, kids!

  • Lauren - You guys are rock stars! What a beautiful icy wedding…so glad everyone was safe!

We love this lady. She’s been the videographer rockin’ right alongside us at so many weddings over the past 7 years, and we were SO excited to hear (via Facebook, of course), that she & her husband Jason are expecting their daughter soon. And then to be asked to photograph a little celebration session, to capture BJ’s time as an expectant mother? Well, that’s an honor we were over the moon to receive.

This session was short, sweet, and simple… just a mama & her belly, thinking about the last 8 months and getting even more excited for all the years ahead. Can’t WAIT to meet that baby girl!!


Girlfriend, you make pregnancy look easy, and beyond gorgeous. Congratulations to your sweet family!

  • Bethe - She is gorgeous!

We officially booked Jess & Ashley’s New Mexico wedding a couple months ago, but didn’t get the chance to hug their necks until last week. Yeah, we’re huggers… be prepared for that, if you decide to hire us.;)

These two lovely ladies and their daughter Deklyn came out to see us for a little sunset engagement session. Unfortunately Deklyn wasn’t feeling so great, and I didn’t get to see one of her legendary smiles. But even with our time cut short, we captured some GORGEOUS images for this couple. And in just a couple months, we’ll do it again as they say their “I Do’s” at Hacienda del Sol in Taos. Rest assured, there will be lots of pretty coming from that weekend, too.;)

Enjoy some of our favorite images from this engagement session, while I finish up the rest of the collection!

McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog01McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog02McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog03McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog04McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog05McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog06McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog07McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog08McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog09McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog10McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog11McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog12McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog13McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog14McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog15McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog16McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog17McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog18McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog19McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog20McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog21McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog22McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog23McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog24McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog25McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog26McGowanImages_Jess&AshleyEngagement_Blog27You girls are beautiful together, and SO fun, and we’re honored to be capturing a part of your journey together. Next time we’ll make sure to plan for a little less “sick kiddo” and a little more “cocktail & kitchen talk” date night.;)

  • Jess - Agh!!! These are absolutely amazing!! I cannot wait for bridals and the wedding. So in love with all of them!!

  • McKenna Harwell - What a gorgeous couple!! So much pretty

  • Ambo - So beautiful!!! Such wonderful pictures!!!

We met this sweet bride when her sister got married last October. When Julie caught the bouquet at Amy’s wedding and pointed with it right at Chris, we had a feeling the next Langebartel sister engagement wouldn’t be far off. We were SO honored this awesome family called on us again to capture another special journey… that’s one of the highest compliments we can receive as artists!

We met up with Chris & Julie earlier this week at Cedar Hill State Park, and had about 10 minutes to shoot before a storm rolled in and took our sun away. Luckily, we can rock a cloudy day just as well as a sunny one, and we kept the session rolling for another hour until the raindrops actually fell. I LOVE these easyness of these images… this couple is just entirely at ease with one another, and as cliche as it sounds, shooting this session really did just feel like a walk in the park.:)

Check out a few of our favorites!


Oooooh that last bit of sunlight. It’s always the prettiest part of the day.


Congratulations, you two! We can’t wait to spend more time with you over the course of the year, culminating in what we’re sure will be an amazing celebration.:)

McG fans, you’ve been awesome while we’ve been slow. We love knowing you’re still around, checking in on what we’re doing. It’s getting close to time when we’ll be posting more often… we’ve got two new engagement sessions and a maternity session coming to the blog next week. So hang tight, the pretty will be served more regularly VERY soon!

  • Erica - These are stunning!!!

  • claudia loffler - WOW! These are amazing.., you’ve captured the warmth of their love for each other!

If these first two sessions of the year are any indication as to how 2015 is going to roll, we are seriously happy campers. We feel like our calendar for this year is so far just filled with people who are perfect for McG. We work so hard to make sure we’re connecting genuinely with the clients who choose us, so we can tell their unique love stories… and when it feels like we’ve been able to do that successfully, it’s so fulfilling.

This most recent engagement session felt that way. Carrie & Robert are just exactly our speed, and love each other to the moon and back. Add to that some seriously delicious late-winter light? Well, the hardest part of this shoot was narrowing down what to put on the blog.;)

Enjoy just a snippet of our extra-special faves!


Uggggggh so pretty. You guys are precious, and we can’t wait to hang out again in May!

  • Carrie - Finally figured out how to leave a comment! These pictures are GORGEOUS. I feel so pretty and happy just looking at them. After taking so many selfies together, I am just over the moon to have this vivid collection of photos that actually shows how in love we are. I can’t wait to order prints and frame them all over my house! I can’t thank yo enough, McGowans.