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We met Amy & Jon earlier this week for a little “get to know you” time… after all, we’re shooting their wedding THIS WEEKEND, so it’s time we met in person! This gorgeous couple lives in Alaska and this week in Texas is insane for them. But definitely not too insane for a little engagement mini session in the country, right guys? We’re so glad we finally got to put faces to names and get comfy with this couple, and now we’re even more looking forward to their backyard wedding on Saturday!

Blogstalkers, meet Amy & Jon… you’ll be seeing more of them soon.:)


Big blue sky for the win!! See you guys in a couple days!

  • Erica - I love the sweet simplicity of this session. :-)

Jack made us promise that we wouldn’t blow the surprise of his Halloween costume (which he picked himself) this early, so we’ll still have a Halloween post coming. But we just couldn’t sit on these ones… so it’s a pre-Halloween blog!

This is officially the fastest “conception to execution” of a shoot like this we’ve ever had. On Sunday afternoon, Dorothy and I were talking about sugar skulls, and she wanted to paint her face like that. We went to the store and got our supplies on Monday, shot on Tuesday. When it’s right, it’s right!

Dorothy really got into this Dia de los Muertos idea… she even suggested a lot of the poses you’ll see in this blog! I know, I know… we’re in SO much trouble with this beauty.:)I had never done anything like this kind of makeup, so I was super nervous I wouldn’t be able to pull it off. I think it turned out pretty amazing, though!

I’m so grateful that Mack dives with me into my half-crazed ideas, and that he’s so wicked talented… these images are so much more than I dreamed they would be. My very favorites of Dorothy and I EVER!






Happy Haunting!

  • JElrod - Sooooooo BEAUTIFUL! Love the idea and all of the pictures!

  • Jennifer - These look SO awesome. The photos are gorgeous, but you girls look amazing. And you can see where she gets her beautiful eyes, from Momma. What a cool shoot.

  • Ann Marie - Fabulous!!

  • Amber B. - These are absolutely beautiful and heartwarming!! I love these blogs A LOT!!

  • Giselle Huet - Dia de los muertos extraordinaire!!! It is awesome and Dot, well wow!! And I am not saying it just because this feast is so close to my heart!

  • Rachel - I have been waiting for these to hit the blog since you shared a preview image!! These are amazing! You can clearly see where Dorothy gets her beauty!!

  • LeighAnn - so beautiful and I LOVE Dot’s sassiness!

  • Tara - These are amazing! :)

  • Amanda J. - While I loved how visually stunning these were, I loved that it was a mother/daughter photo shoot even more. They’re a testament to a beautiful bond and a beautiful love. They’re just stunning in so many ways, and I love how y’all constantly strive to make your children’s creative dreams reality.

  • Marla Sanderholm - These are sturning!!! I have never seen more striking photos. I cannot say enough. Dorothy is a natural just like her mother! Amazing photos.

  • Megan Devine - These are absolutely gorgeous!

  • Dawn - This whole shoot is just aMAZing–LOVE the last set! I’m so glad you guys do so much to make Dot’s visions a reality. Beautiful family, inside & out.

  • Ambo - I cannot even put into words how amazing this is. Every time I think you guys can not outdo yourselfs-BAM, you do it again. I love these pictures so much and you are right, you guys are gonna have your hands full with that little amazing girl. Love you all!

  • Elle - WOW!!! Some of my favorite images ever. Dorothy looks so grown up. Hard to believe that 5 years ago she was just a little thing that was giving you bad morning sickness!! Such a doll!

  • M-Dawg - Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, this is just BEYOND FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  • Cheryl - So stinking adorable!!! Great models :) Does it help that you live next to a cemetery LOL

  • Roger - Creeps me up, man.

  • Nicole - These are beyond words! Just speechless!

  • Kevin - BAM!!!!!! Just awesome all the way around!!!

  • mandaroo - Wowza! You have a knock-out, gorgeous daughter! Beautiful photos!

This was a double-header weekend for McG, and not just any double-header… a double header for two couples we ADORE. One in Austin, and one in Celina! We spent a total of 11 hours burning up highway between Friday & Saturday, but it was totally worth it. We SO enjoyed working with both of these sweet brides & their dashing grooms, and we wouldn’t have traded this weekend for all the lazy time in the world!

As usual, I totally overdid it when it came to picking sneak peeks. Mack is going to have to start physically pulling me away from the computer on Sundays… I just get too excited! So hopefully you enjoy this MASSIVE Monday morning sneak peek blog, with a big dose of gorgeous from each event.:)

We started on Friday in Dripping Springs at Camp Lucy with Brandi & Jimmy, who were so hilariously delightful to be around all day long. The day was just exactly the laid-back affair they had their hearts set on, and we were so glad to get to help them fulfill that vision.


I mean… SHUT UP, right??? Too cool. And we got to do it all over again on Saturday!

It might have been the most gorgeous October day I’ve ever seen, and Chandler’s Gardens in Celina was a beautiful backdrop for this wedding. Carley wanted to get married in a forest, and with Kurt waiting for her at the end of that aisle, we believe she got the fairytale she always wanted. We LOVED the entire design of this day from start to finish, and can’t wait to show off more of it!


Y’all… all four of you. Thank you. You are the kind of couples that keep us rolling. You made us feel loved & appreciated all night. You gave us the space we needed to create art, and the open spirits that we needed to make sure that art was a true reflection of you. We can’t wait to show you more of what we captured for you!

  • carley huie - ALL of these are absolutely gorgeous!!! I could not be happier right now! Thank you soooo much!

  • Kurt Huie - Incredible! You are the very best at what you do!

  • Brandi Calhoun - They are so beautiful! Every one of them! Thank you guys so much for the amazing photos! I can’t wait to see the rest :) You guys are WONDERFUL!!!

  • meg-B - Beauuuuutiful sneak peek! Can’t wait to see the full collection :) :) :)

  • Nicole - These are so freakin’ GORGEOUS!!!

Another day, another batch of amazing families! I’m thinking we might have to add in a Friday to next year’s mini session weekends… I hate that so many people got left on our wait list this year! The best way to get your name on our limited-availability list first is to watch the McG FB page for announcements. These spots go quick!

The weather was still cool & mostly gray on Sunday, but all our families were prepared with awesome autumn ensembles… say that five times fast.;)Enjoy a couple favorites from each of our second day sessions!


Happy Friday, everyone! This is a double wedding weekend for McG, so be sure to come back on Monday to see a little of what we got up to with our fantastic couples!

  • Arly - Love all of them!!! Thank you both for totally rockin it again. I can’t believe we actually got some smiles out of my stubborn little guy!

Thank heavens for caffeine and favorable weather!:)

After the debacle that was our windy, rainy spring mini session marathon, I was so worried we were in for it again. The forecast just couldn’t make up it’s mind, and although we decided to move forward with our plan, I was thoroughly prepared to have 35 families worth of individual reschedules in our future.

Luckily, the skies stayed nice and zipped up for us all weekend! It was definitely gray most of the time, but that’s nothing we can’t handle… and every single one of the families that came to see us wholeheartedly embraced the real FALL feeling of the whole event!

Obviously, we have way too many images from the whole weekend to share in one blog post. Today is just our favorite shots from Saturday… you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see the Sunday crew!McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_01McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_02McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_03McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_04McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_05McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_06McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_07McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_08McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_09McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_10McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_11McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_12McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_13McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_14McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_15McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_16McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_17McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_18McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_19McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_20McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_21McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_22McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_23McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_24McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_25McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_26McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_27McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_28McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_29McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_30McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_31McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_32McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_33McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_34McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_35McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_36McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_37McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_38McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_39McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_40McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_41McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_42McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_43McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_44McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_45McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_46McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_47McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_48McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_49McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_50McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_51McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_52McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_53McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_54McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_55McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_56McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_57McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_58McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_59McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_60McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_61McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_62McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_63McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_64McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_65McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_66McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_67McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_68McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_69McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_70McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_71McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_72McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_73McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_74McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_75McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_76McGCelebrationMiniSessions_Fall14_Blog1_77If you’re not smiling after all that adorableness, you’re broken and I can’t help you. Come back tomorrow for a second helping of the same!!

  • A*J* - I LOVE THESE!!!