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Alex & Jennifer are so much fun, so it was no surprise to us that their wedding was a blast. But they also involved us so much in the planning of their wedding day, that it ended up being such a complete blast to shoot. We worked with them on the best time to plan their ceremony… how much time we needed for portraits… how the day would flow.ย We can obviously walk into any situation and roll with it. That’s part of the job. But man, we can really knock it out of the park when we’re able to coach our clients about timing. Light is a big deal, man. Jennifer & Alex got DELICIOUS light.

At the new Tuscany Hill at the Springs in McKinney, this adorable couple officially became man & wife. The people that love them danced and sang and smiled so hard their faces got sore. It was an all around fantastic evening, and we’re excited to show off some favorites…

Alex sent his bride a letter to read before their ceremony, and it was quite the tear-jerker. For her, I mean. I mean, I for sure didn’t cry. That’d be silly.

If you’re not smiling right now, you might be a little dead inside. Congratulations, you two… we hope the first year of your marriage is absolutely legendary!

Lauren & Michael are part of our “4 weddings in two countries in 8 days” adventure in April, and we know it’s going to be an absolute delight to shoot. These two are getting married at a venue we love (The Brooks at Weatherford) with a coordinator we adore (HeidiBeth with Something Blue), and a genuine attitude of joy and excitement. Those things are pretty much always a recipe for a day we thoroughly enjoy.

We shot Lauren & Michael’s engagement session out here in the country recently, and we’ve got a few favorite images to show off. Happy Monday!

The wedding is rolling in so soon it’s a little crazy… we’ll see y’all in 9 weeks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Ann - Just lovely.

In October, we’ll have several really amazing McG alumni couples celebrating their wedding anniversaries… first year, second, third, fourth.. fifth, six, seventh and EIGHTH. Isn’t that crazy? Almost as crazy as the fact that a young bridesmaid at one of our October 2010 weddings will be a McG bride herself in October 2017. The more we talked about it, the more it started to feel very full circle for the little family we feel like we’ve built over the years.

We shot Tyler and Allie’s session on her family’s property near Millsap, on a brisk but sunny afternoon last week. They were game for whatever we asked, even if it involved “hey, run up that hill super fast because the sun is almost gone, it’ll be worth it, HURRY”. What can I say? McG portrait sessions are a group effort. ๐Ÿ™‚

Check out just a handful of our favorites… and join us in being VERY excited for what’s to come with these two gorgeous people.



Nothing like a big blue winter sky, right? LOVE. We can’t wait to get out and play with y’all again!

We got to celebrate our first wedding of 2017 in the Crescent City, as Andrew & Ana official became Mr. & Mrs. Hutchens. Their families were both SO sweet, and watching so many people see the city with new eyes was really cool. This couple is so laid back, so genuinely just happy to be together, and it was an honor to capture their day.

Andrew & Ana’s ceremony was at Immaculate Conception Jesuit Church in New Orleans, and their reception was on the Creole Queen.

Here are a few favorites from their day!
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Over New Year’s Eve weekend, Mack and I camped with some of our besties. It was so nice to get away from real life for a couple days… well, sort of away. ๐Ÿ˜‰

About a week beforehand, I talked to a really amazing mom & boyfriend about setting up a proposal for Jessica. Ty was completely over the moon excited, and that kind of infected me too. So on Friday, we went to our campsite, got set up, and then I drove to Fort Worth to shoot this perfect perfect little moment in time.

Of course, then I went back to the campfire where Mack had chili and an adult beverage waiting on me. All in all, pretty fantastic Friday.

Enough about that… I know you’re just here for the pictures! Jessica just thought they were going out to eat and then to Robert Earl Keen’s Christmas show at Bass Hall. She was completely surprised, and maybe I just cried the whole time, whatever.


It was SO wonderful to meet y’all… Mack agrees, now that we’ve all four had a margarita date. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your wedding is less than 11 months away now!!