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When I met Catherine in college, I didn’t know her older sister was friends with Mack… well, to be entirely accurate, I didn’t know Mack. It wasn’t until much later, when talking to my mom about the couple we’d been on a double date with, that we realized we have more of a “way back” connection than we thought. As it turns out, my mom went to church with Catherine’s mom when they were in junior high! Such a fun “small world” situation, particularly since my mom ended up living in Indiana and California before she eventually made it back to Texas.

Over the years, Mack and I kept up with the sister, Cristin, and her family… we even ended up on a cruise with them in 2011 (click here for the throwback blog about that trip). And although she’s a social media hermit, Catherine & I kept loose tabs on each other through the years… a general “hey, that person was cool, I hope they’re doing well.”

So when this gorgeous girl emailed me, saying “I think I found HIM, and I’m so excited I can’t stand it, and it’s highly likely he’ll be proposing soon, and YAY LET’S HAVE FUN!”, I was all about it. And Mack was all about it. And my mom was all about it. 😉

Catherine & Jason are getting married in just over 2 weeks, and we had so much fun getting to know them as a couple during this session. It was CRAZY windy the day we shot, necessitating a last minute change of location and fading light. But when we’re photographing people who are this real and relaxed and just HAPPY with each other, we don’t mind having to move fast.

Thanks for hanging through my wordy intro… now, please feel rewarded with some sweet portraits of this bride & groom at the Fort Worth Water Gardens!

Thanks for your hustle, guys! We’re so excited to preserve some memories from your wedding day… and to celebrate with you!0000

In April of 2012, we got an email from Lauren. She had been a blog follower since 2010, and was engaged now, and SO super excited to inquire with us. Their coffee shop consult took a few hours… mostly because of completely non-wedding conversation, honestly. We’ve continued to have a fantastic time every time we’re with this couple. Engagement portraits, bridal portraits, a SKINbyMcG (formerly Girls on Film) session, a dapper portrait session of the handsome groom, an ice storm wedding, and then a beach wedding with the bride’s best friend…. suffice it to say, we’ve seen a lot of Aaron & Lauren over the last five years, and we’re happy about ALL of it.

When we got the news that they were going to become parents, we were over the moon, and honored all over again that they chose us to capture this time in their lives. Baby Conrad will be here in May, and these portraits at Rockledge Park last week were a fantastic way to celebrate that upcoming arrival.

The way Aaron looks at his wife… the way she beams under his gaze, and adores him unconditionally… their love is a fairytale one, and we have no doubt that the prince they’re bringing home will be loved beyond measure.

 We really really REALLY can’t wait to meet your little boy. There’s zero chance of him being anything other than amazing, because he won the parent lottery.

  • Lauren - AAAAAAAHHHHHH! I love them! Words can’t even describe…y’all are the best!

  • Katie - STUNNING! MAGICAL! BREATHTAKING!! ALL THE ADJECTIVES!! I am speechless at the sheer beauty of these portraits! You have done it again!

  • Aaron - Thank you for capturing again the beauty I am blessed to enjoy every day, so spoiled…and we won the lottery finding friends like you, who happen to crush it with camera art!

  • Clara Mattox - Absolutely beautiful! We are so excited for Aaron and Lauren, and we are SO excited to be welcoming a grandson into the family. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job at capturing these moments. Well done.

Michael & Katie became Mr & Mrs Squires last weekend, with a beautiful ceremony at First Euless, followed by a reception at the Colleyville Center. Rain threatened all day long, and a wicked cold front blew in fast and hard… but we managed to beat it every time we needed to. With the help of Pam with Twig & Twine Events (one of our very favorite coordination/design teams), the day flowed completely smoothly, and at every turn, the bride & groom were absolutely glowing with happy. And really, isn’t that the way it’s supposed to be?

Today, we’re sharing just a little glimpse into their wedding day… enjoy!

Congratulations, y’all! We’re certain this first week has been the start of a long & happy journey together. 🙂

We get to celebrate different milestones with different people very very often… it might be my favorite part of our job. Each of the celebrations are a little different, but every single one of them is worth crowing about. And this one?? Emili waiting to welcome her sweet girl Ruth into the world… this one was extra fun to celebrate.

We shot this session last week around Possum Kingdom Lake in Graford. Many props to Em, who gave us carte blanche to plan her session, and said “absolutely” to anything we asked. Also, note… safety measures were in place in the form of great big muscle bear Mack. So no freaking out, k?

Check out just a couple favorites, and join us in saying “WOW” to how Emili looks at the last days of pregnancy!

Sweetheart, you are BEYOND beautiful, and we can’t wait to meet Ruth. Watching your absolute giddiness throughout this process has been so wonderful… what a lucky little girl to be born into a family so full of love!

  • Julie Underwood - That’s my girl !!!! Oh McG’s..you did it again!! I love my sweet Emi SO MUCH!!!! And love y’all too!! Isn’t she just the most beautiful girl ever

  • Renee Garrett - OMG amazingly beautiful gave me cold chills love this girl since she was born can’t wait to see Ruth and love her as much as we luv her momma!❤