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Our ever-so-amazing associate photographer Nikki shot Chelsea & Cameron’s wedding in Euless this past Saturday, and the images are every bit as lovely as I knew they would be. And that works out nicely for today, because I get to reveal Chelsea’s bridal portraits!

We photographed this session last month at the Japanese Gardens in Fort Worth. Nikki took the lead while I mostly carried bags & caught alternate angles, and I absolutely loved the final collection. Literally every time I see a new set of images Nikki produces for our clients, I am even more assured that she was the perfect artist to bring on board for our brides. I’m so excited for the weddings she has booked to shoot for McG couples in 2016!

We’ll be sharing our favorite images from the wedding next week, so look forward to even more prettiness. Today, though, it’s all about the bride!


So completely lovely! I am so happy when brides show up nervous, talking about how they’re “totally not photogenic” and end up having a blast and giving me perfect sass and being thrilled with the images. With the right coaching and encouragement, any gal can rock this kind of session and celebrate the awesome season of being a bride!

We actually shot Brittny’s bridal portraits back in the spring, which meant we had gorgeous weather, but a looooong wait to be able to show anyone. I know she’s been dying to share with her beloved pretty much since the second we finished, and I’m so glad she finally got to!

We’ll be sharing more of this couple’s New Orleans wedding next week, but at least we can show off what a stunning bride she made! The McKinney Cotton Mill is one of my favorite places to shoot portraits, and just looking through these made me want to schedule another session there ASAP.

Enjoy a couple favorites!




We couldn’t pass up the chance to use the mask Brittny bought for her French Quarter reception. LOVE.


Girlfriend, you are a stone cold FOX.


Andrew & Melissa were married in a lovely civil ceremony at the Tarrant County Courthouse last Friday. It was a quick little event, and I wasn’t with them for long, but absolutely so honored to be among the close friends & family who got to witness them make their forever vows to each other!

When the happy couple arrived, we had a few minutes before ceremony time and used it to capture some portraits with that gorgeous courthouse in the background. I sincerely love this building…


Flower crown. Boho dress. Soft easy style. I’m kind of obsessed with this look.


The judge says it’s showtime!


I love that before proceeding, the judge had them point out who everyone in the audience was. When a group of attendees is small, you know every single one of them matters!


Mr. & Mrs. Polizzi!


You guys are absolutely adorable, and I’m so glad I could be there to capture these moments for you. A million wishes for a wonderful life together!

  • Melissa Polizzi - Absolutely GORGEOUS photos! Thank you Chelsea!!

  • Jennifer Jock - Great pics! So sad we missed it. Will be looking forward to a big party!

We knew Malisa & Gren would be on our 2016 calendar before Gren actually proposed… sorry dude! 😉 Having met Malisa and her family at a mini session, we immediately loved them, and talking to Malisa about the “probably soon” wedding was such fun. So of COURSE we fist pumped when the ring was on the finger and we could officially start planning!

And then, bonus… to hear that they wanted to shoot their engagement portraits in San Francisco? YES PLEASE! Both bride & groom are homesick for North Texas, but also making a HOME in the place they’re living right now. It’s so hard to be away from family in a new city, but these two are so fun and adventurous… I love their attitudes about the whole thing. And I super love that they wanted to make sure they had portraits that capture the spirit of their time in the City by the Bay!

We started our day just after sunrise in the neighborhood around Haight-Ashbury. We knew we had a couple locations we wanted to shoot in a day split between morning light and evening light… but then Mack and I got completely carried away. We ended up with a complete session’s worth of images from that one morning spot. OOPS! So anyway, the images we shot in the forest and on the beach in the evening were totally bonus!

All that to say, it’s a rather massive blog post so… enjoy!


Also, be aware… LOTS of kissing in this post! Gren & Malisa are completely crazy about each other, which makes them so fun to photograph. We didn’t have to “direct” affection a single time… they’re just thrilled to be in each others’ company!


That. Light. Though. UGH. Every time we’re in California I beg Mack to move us there, because that coastal haze has my entire heart!


In the early evening, we drove to Muir Woods. I had this idea a few months ago of the juxtaposition between super formal wear and wild woods… and luckily, this state park with redwoods was only minutes from the beach where we wanted to end our session. Malisa fully embraced my idea, and we had so much fun with this part of our day!


And then, finally… the beach. It was crisp and cool and the light was like something out of a painting. Complete perfection.


You two… we just kind of adore you. Thank you so much for investing in us, for bringing us to your temporary home, for being game to try whatever we threw at you. We can’t WAIT to party with you in the spring!!!

  • Malisa and Gren - Unbelievable. Thank you!!!!

  • Brenda Sirucek - Amazing!

  • Dani - Gorgeous is an understatement! I have no words for these except LOVEEEE!!!!

  • Misty and Gren IV - Photabulous!! These are stunning!