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Joe & Lacy aren’t new together… Joe & Lacy have gone together for a long time. Joe & Lacy have loved each other since high school. But Joe & Lacy officially became Mr. & Mrs. Sanders on October 15th, and that is worth celebrating.

We spent the day among their friends and family at The Lodge at Bridal Veil Falls, a killer venue near Austin. This was one of those days when everyone truly came together to make everything roll completely smoothly. Every single one of these bridesmaids & groomsmen was dedicated to making sure the VIPs had a perfect day.

These are just a handful of our favorites, but they give a great summary of what a wonderful day it was…


There was such a perfect kind of excitement around this moment. They were ready to see each other BECAUSE they knew what this moment was about. They wanted to see each other and know they were walking into this moment together. They approached this as a team, just like they will the rest of their lives.

mcgowanimages_joelacyweddingblog10mcgowanimages_joelacyweddingblog11mcgowanimages_joelacyweddingblog12Although they weren’t publicly using any vows they’d written themselves, this precious bride still had something she wanted to read to her forever love…


Gifts were an important part of the day… not just for the bride & groom, but from this sweet couple to all the people that made the wonderful day possible for them.




And just like that… high school sweethearts, to college loves, to a married couple with the world ahead of them.


We try to know our couples pretty well before their wedding day arrives, but we still learn so much about each of our clients during the wedding toasts. That relationship between really close friends is something we don’t take lightly, and it’s incredible to learn how each of our brides & grooms are loved in different ways for all different characteristics.


This dance party was an absolute blast. We’ve done several weddings for couples from Midwestern State University, and at this point we feel entirely confident in saying that MSU couples don’t mess around when it comes to a reception.


You two have been nothing but wonderful to work with from the very beginning. If all we remember is laughing through your consultation, that would have been enough. You are electric together, and we can’t wait to see what the coming years bring for you both.


We had SO much fun planning for Kelly’s bridal session. She’s obsessed with the Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells… maybe even more than I am, and that’s a big deal. The inside is off limits no matter who you bribe apparently, but we got to explore around the outside and shoot at sunrise a couple weeks ago. That was PLENTY to give the epic classic creepiness that is SO Kel.

I know she’s dying to have these on the blog as much as we are, so here are some of our faves!


My sweet friend, you are an absolute bombshell. This is Marilyn if Marilyn was staying at a haunted hotel. We love you to pieces. Can’t we just do it all over again?

It’s engagement session season for our Spring 2017 couples, and we’re SO cool with that. We’re a little over halfway booked for the year, and every single one of the couples on our roster is going to be a serious blast.

We photographed Ross & BriAnne in Granbury last week, starting in a coffee shop with sentimental value for them. There are so many lovely little nooks & crannies in that town square, and every time we shoot there, it looks a little different. And this time, exploring it while also laughing our faces off with this awesome couple, we saw new things we’d never used before.

We also got to know BriAnne in a different way… ya know, different from when she was a kid a couple years younger than me in high school… a girl who sang in the worship band that Mack played in 14 years ago. YEAH. 14 years.

Since before “the blog” was even a thing, this sweet girl has been keeping up with us. With our love story, with our family, with our business as it’s grown. And thanks to social media, we’ve gotten to do the same with her. We’ve watched her fall in love with Ross, and hurt with her when they broke up… because we know that hurt. We’ve been there. We were so happy to see that they got back together, and over the moon happy when they officially got engaged. And then, well, BriAnne called us.

It’s crazy how people grow and change, and how, in some ways, we don’t change at all. BriAnne has always been a beautiful girl with a beautiful spirit. And she still is, with a perfect-for-her guy to walk through the rest of her life with.

As always, this is just a glimpse into the full collection of images… but it’s plenty to oooh and aaah over!


“Hey… do y’all happen to have an umbrella in the car?”

“I think so, why?”

“Just because. Grab it. We’ll see.”

Thank you for being game for ideas that seem ridiculous and turn out pretty friggin wonderful.

We photographed Lacy’s bridal portraits a few months back on a beautiful morning at Stillwater Meadow in Aledo, and now that she’s officially Mrs. Sanders, we can show them off!

Together with one of the most fun bridesmaids we’ve ever gotten to play with, we worked to keep that dress glowing white, that bride from sweating, and… well… ok THEY worked together to dissuade me from any crazy ideas that involved climbing. 😉

Here’s just a handful of standouts. I very nearly just posted the whole set!


The lady was looking for drama, but still Texas… beautiful, but sexy. High five, team!
Just WAIT ’til we’re able to post some favorites from Lacy & Joe’s wedding… she managed to look even MORE beautiful on the big day!

We officially booked Sam & Adam’s wedding sitting over margaritas and nachos at Fuzzy’s, so right away, that’s a win. Add in the fact that Sam is the sister of our cool-beyond-compare associate shooter Nikki, and this one is a definite home run.

But then when Sam & Adam’s session starts, and we’re actually able to see who they are together… all the sweet moments, as well as random licking of the nose… yeah, we like them. And they like each other. And I’m pretty confident they’ll keep liking each other for the rest of their lives.

Check out just a few faves…


Anyone else absolutely drooling over that light? Because I know it’s not just us. This last set in the tall grass could have been all we shot the entire session, and I would have still considered it a victory.

Sam & Adam, you’re precious, and super fun, and although it seems like your wedding is a million years away, it’ll be here before you know it. Can’t wait to hang out with y’all again!