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When we got home from Tuesday’s engagement session, our contractor was packing up to leave our house for the night. He said, “Who’d you shoot tonight?” I replied, “Actually, my high school boyfriend and his fiance!” Our contractor made a face and said, “Oh, WEIRD.” And Mack laughed, immediately saying, “Nope… AWESOME.”

Because it was. Chris & I may have dated as silly selfish teenagers, but we cherish the friendship we’ve been able to hang onto in the decade since. Having kids & moving all over the world hasn’t kept us from keeping in touch, and when he fell in love with Jessica, I could tell even through Facebook that it was the real thing. So when he contacted me and gave me advance warning of his proposal, and asked about bringing his bride-to-be down from St. Louis to surprise her with an engagement session, we were of course thrilled to help him pull it off!

Jessica absolutely did not let us down when we finally met her. She’s bubbly & happy, but in a very real way. The way she’s so naturally comfortable with Chris’s gorgeous daughter Elle was wonderful to see, and we all had an absolute blast. This is one of those times I find myself really bummed that we don’t live close to someone… I can see double dates with this couple being pretty dadgum epic!

Luckily, we’ll have another excuse to hang out in 2015, when McG travels up to St. Louis for Chris & Jessica’s wedding. If this short little portrait session is any indication, the images we’ll capture in September are going to be blog-breakingly beautiful!:)

Here are some of our faves!


Elle is Chris’s little mini-me… but, obviously, WAY prettier.:)


Perfection. You guys are just IDEAL together. Can’t wait to see you again!

  • Mama of the Groom - Beautiful!
    I, too, love the friendship that y’all have been able to hang on to!

  • Chris Carrell - Ya’ll are the best! These are more than pictures they are precious memories. Thank you so much for capturing them so perfectly. We love ya’ll!

  • Jessica Tarr - GUYS. GUYS. GUYS!!!!!!!!!! Love them more than liiiiiiiife! My makeup & hair looks more than fabulous! Y’all picked the most perfect spots! We are the luckiest couple in the world to have y’all as our photographers & our friends!

  • Maggi Van Zummeren - Beautiful Couple and adorable litte girl! These pics are just beautiful! Love the setting and that you truly captured them so perfectly!

  • Chandra - i can’t pick just one fav…they all are perfect!

  • Angie - LOVE them all! You are both awesome together!

  • ann - What a beautiful family. Love Elle’s freckles! She is adorable!

  • Joshua Tarr - Great pictures! Thank you

  • Chrissy Schmidt - So pretty! Glad to call her my god-daughter, and so happy she found her forever family! :)

  • Ambo - Beautiful. Love these shots!

Kayleigh & Jann’s engagements mark our first really COLD session of the season! The wind was whipping, temperatures dropped, and it was just generally NOT pleasant outside. But dang, you wouldn’t know it looking at these two. They just embraced the opportunity to snuggle (get it??;)), and warmed each other up as Fort Worth shut down for the storm. Simple, sweet, easy… everything a downtown session for a laid-back couple should be!

Here are a couple stand-outs from our hour together last week!


Pffft… all that talk about y’all being awkward, and look at you rockin’ the blue steel!;)These next few months will FLY by, and we can’t wait to see you in the spring!

  • Kayleigh - They’re perfect! I LOVE them!!! Thanks for making us look not awkward and freezing! Y’all are awesome!!!

  • Denver Wedding Photography - Every frame has a positive ambiance. The love is bursting out from each and every frame. Beautiful! ^^

We could not possibly be more grateful that the gorgeous weather lasted until after Kurt & Carley’s session. Sure, we’ve photographed at Turner Falls before when it was freezing cold and nothing was vibrant… we can totally rock that. But we really REALLY wanted beautiful autumn colors for these bride & groom portraits, and MAN, did we ever get it! The storm front blew in just a few short hours after this session was wrapped, and I wouldn’t be surprised if all those amazing yellows & reds are completely gone now. Such a shame fall doesn’t last longer around here!

We shoot at Turner Falls in Davis, Oklahoma, about once a year, and I never get tired of it. The drive is always worth it, any time of year… and we’re happy to make it more often.:)Kurt & Carley were amazing to photograph once again… game for whatever long hikes we asked them to make, and balancing precariously on shaky rocks. I hope they feel, as we do, that the sore muscles were totally worth it.

Check out some of the best images we shot that day!


This color. It just SLAYS me. I wish it could look like this for more than a week or two!


Swoon. Just STOP IT.

Thank you guys so much for bringing us on this journey with you. We know it’s been a hard year, but you’ve handled it like champions, and now you can move forward, happy & healthy, as man & wife. With some GORGEOUS pictures for your walls.:)

  • carley huie - I have no words! These are so perfect! I freaking love you guys!

  • Pam Cannon - Beautiful picture as usual! Y’all amaze me – thank you again!

  • Cheryl Miller - ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! Beautiful couple in love, beautiful place for photos…….love love love all the colors !

  • Allison - these are some of my most favorites yall have taken. Absolutely stunning, both the scenery and the couple!

  • Lauren - Wow! It looks like a fairytale!! Always love what y’all can do at Turner Falls!

  • Cathy Guess - The pictures of my Niece Carley and Kurt are absolutely Magical!
    You captured the true essence of their Love, and I can’t even begin to imagine how they can choose between all of these Beautiful pictures…..a True Love Story and Romantic Fairy Tail!

Liz & Troy did exactly what we tell ALL our couples to do… they had the wedding that THEY wanted. Small, simple, unique, and with lots of room to breathe their own personal style into things. This is a couple that lives out loud, and loves just as bravely, and it would have been a shame if their wedding day was anything other than genuine to THEM.

We’re so honored that we got to be there to capture so many special moments for Liz & Troy… and now we’re excited to show those moments off! A million thanks to Jen, with Altar Ego Weddings, for sending this fabulous couple our way and doing such a phenomenal job with all the planning. Another GORGEOUS event with you!

Enjoy some of our faves!


A little Meg B workin’ her magic on Liz’s already-gorgeous face.:)I LOVE it when my clients fall in love with my favorite vendors, too!:)


All brides can empathize with the feeling conveyed in this following image… a little “Hallelujah, the dress fits PERFECT!” celebration!:)


Well, hey there, good-lookin’! This groom was SO excited to see his bride!!


After dark, chandeliers are lit… must be ceremony time!

McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog42McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog43McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog44McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog45McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog46McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog47McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog48McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog49McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog50McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog51McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog52McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog53McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog54McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog55McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog56McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog57McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog58McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog59McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog60McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog61McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog62McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog63McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog64McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog65McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog66McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog67McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog68McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog69McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog70McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog71McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog72McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog73McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog74McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog75McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog76McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog77McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog78McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog79McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog80McGowanImages_Liz&TroyWedding_Blog81LORDY, you two are precious. We’ve had SUCH a blast getting to know you… and now that your wedding is over, we definitely need to find more excuses to hang out.:)We hope your first week as married folks has been fantabulous!

You picked up a camera because you saw something worth saving… something fleeting. Something you didn’t trust your memory to hold accurately. You saw the way light danced on grass in the afternoon, or the way dew sparkled in the morning, or the way the sun played hide-and-seek behind evening clouds, and in that, you saw art. You saw it elevated and everlasting. You saw something maybe a little different than “real life”, but absolutely real to you.

Never stop seeing art. We might be wired different, and that differentness can sometimes be exhausting, but at the end of the day, that differentness and this art is what we have.



  • ann - Oh how I love this. I love weddings and engagements and happy celebrations of life – but these speak to my soul. Greatness.

  • Chelsea - Love these!! You guys are so incredible.

  • Allison M - wow – these are just breath taking!!!