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We photographed some beautiful families the last weekend in March, and even MORE beautiful families the last weekend in April, and as those clients send their image choices in, we’ll be blogging our favorites from all these sweet mini sessions. I got another batch of image choices over the weekend, and I’m so glad to get to show off some more!

All four of these families are people we’ve photographed before… we love that. It’s such an honor that these amazing people keep investing in what we do year after year!


Swoooooon just can’t get over that stormy sky! We’ve still got a handful of sessions left from the Spring Minis, so stay tuned for those on the blog soon!

McG will be out of the office from today through next Tuesday. I’ll be doing my best to keep up with emails as they come in, but please be patient!


  • sarah - YAY! Such great work! Those colors are amazing!

I got to snuggle baby Kase last week before all the storms rolled in, just a few days after he came home to his house in Dallas. His Mommy & Daddy were one of our 2013 wedding couples, and it was so nice to catch up with them again and hear how life has been treating them. Kase might just be the easiest newborn I’ve photographed yet this year… he was mostly asleep, but completely quiet and chill. I loved every second of getting to kiss on him… oh, and photograph him, too.:)

Here are a few of my faves:


Such a handsome little guy!
Thank you so much for inviting me into your home… we hope to get to see you again as sweet Kase grows!

  • Rachel Knox - Oh my goodness!! You captured our little guy just perfectly!! We are so in love with these! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  • Beverly Slocum - Love these pictures. Looks like an angel.

  • Donna Roberts - Rachel, What beautiful pictures. He is absolutely beautiful and so is your puppy! Thanks for sharing!

Danna found us by looking online for weddings that had been photographed at her venue, Fischer Hall near New Braunfels. It’s a lovely little place that our clients Nikki & Forrest introduced us to, and we were so excited to get to go back! And this time, the weather was nice enough that we actually got to explore a little!

We had only hung out with Danna & Joey once before, at their engagement session by the coast last summer, but that was enough to know we were looking forward to seeing them again. They’re just exactly our speed, and we can’t WAIT to schedule a fishing date!

I’m hoping they dug up some wi-fi on their honeymoon to check out this prettiness…


Such a pretty spot to see each other for the first time… that Spanish moss is to die for!


SO THRILLED to finally be Mr. & Mrs. Steckler, after so many years!




You guys are really just WONDERFUL. Your families made us feel so loved & welcomed, and we know you have such an amazing support system moving into this next phase of your lives together. We can’t wait to see where you go from here!

  • Danna Steckler - Ohhhhh my goodness!! They are just beautiful! Seriously I keep oooing and awwing! I can’t even begin to tell you how appreciative we are of you and Mack. There were countless times you made our day! Let us know when you have an open weekend and we will get that boat ready!

  • Susan Troppy - This was certainly a love filled occasion. You captured the joy of everyone perfectly!

  • Melaini - Just beautiful. The two of you are amazing at your craft. I can’t even begin to pick my favorite. The sunset was amazing, first look was precious, first kiss was super sweet… So many beautiful smiles on such a joyous day and you captured it all.

What do you get when you combine gorgeous state park scenery, delicious evening light, and one of our favorite families? Well, if WE’RE there, you get way overdue updated family portraits.:)

We’ve been working for the Underwood family since 2009. That year, three of the kids were still in high school… now the littlest is about to graduate. There’s a son-in-law and a grandbaby. And if possible, this family is more beautiful, and more overflowing with love & generosity than they were the first time we met them. The influence that their support has had on the McG journey cannot be overstated, and we’re just SO honored that they keep calling us to photograph them.


We love you all MILLIONS, and can’t wait for some non-working hangout time soon!:)

  • Christian Underwood - Oh my goodness!! I especially LOVE the photos of little Rory Lynn! I am just blown away at how beautiful she is :) Can’t wait to start buying prints!!!! Seeing Logan’s smile makes me completely forget about my own insecurities, thank you McG for capturing my family on film!!! You are insanely TALENTED!

  • ann - awww…I remember them! What a beautiful family. And as always, beautiful work!

  • Julie - OH MY GOODNESS..THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I can’t stop looking and feeling SO Excited and Grateful!!!!!!! It’s just the Most Exciting feeling to see all of my sweet family dressed up smiling all in one place..And y’all captured it :)) Getting a village our size together for family pictures can be challenging..and y’all made it FUN and Worth every second of it!! Plus…..we got to see y’all and hug your necks!! Next visit is going to be fun and cooking out and swimming!! We love y’all..Thank you so much :)

As each of our fantabulous clients from the recent Spring 2015 mini sessions turns in their image choices, I’ll be sharing a few here on the blog! Sometimes it’s hard to make the hard chop from 50-80 images down to your favorite 10… but hey, that’s why it’s their job, not mine. 😉

We dealt with all sorts of weather at Cedar Hill State Park on this Sunday evening, from windy & cloudy to super bright & sweaty, all the way to scary-clouds & early darkness. And you get to see sessions from all those times in today’s blog, along with these incredible families who managed to make it all look gorgeous.

We really do get to work with the BEST people.


Those. EYES. Such a handsome boy!

This is only a third of the sessions we shot, so be ready for more soon!