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We admit… Halloween got a little away from us this year. It’s normally one of our favorite days of the year, but between busy schedules & the house being under construction (you’ll hear more about that later!), we had a hard time getting around to all the stuff we wanted to do. We’re very much looking forward to a proper Halloween party next year… you can bet 2015 plans are already underway.:)

This year might have been low key, but we’re going to fix it when it counts. The kids don’t know it yet, but when they get home from school, we’ll have some guests at the house with all sorts of Halloween treats, and pumpkin carving, and games, and spooky treats. Might as well condense all the celebration into THE DAY, right?

Jack chose to dress up as Mickey in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice this year. I admit, we were a little thrown off by his choice, since the last four years have been so… dare I say, badass? But he’s a Disney-loving nerd like the rest of us, so we helped him embrace exactly what he wanted to be, even if it didn’t lend itself to a full photoshoot. He wore that costume with PRIDE to the Spook Parade at school today, and it just makes me want to squeeze him all over!


If you didn’t see Dorothy’s Halloween pictures we blogged a while back, you should definitely go check those out in THIS POST:


Happy Halloween, friends & blogstalkers! Be safe this weekend… and have a spooooooky night!


  • Aunt Ambo - Love it! Such amazing kiddos my 2 best friends have!

Amy & Jon were  married last Saturday in Aledo, with a church ceremony & backyard reception that allowed them to celebrate with all those near & dear to them. Although the couple lives in Alaska, they had a huge contingent of Texas loved ones, and other well-traveled guests, there to help them dance the night away. We didn’t have much time to get to know this couple, because of that whole “living nearly 3,000 miles away” thing. But even just in a few hours, it was plain to see that Amy & Jon have that easy, natural kind of love. They adore each other, but they tease each other, and they’re the kind of people you just know will be the exact same together in 50 years as they are today. We love shooting those kinds of weddings, knowing we’re watching the beginning of a new family heritage continuing right in front of us.

Enjoy some of our favorite images of the day!


Mr. & Mrs. Nichols!


We had to move really quickly for post-wedding portraits, but luckily, the light in the empty lot behind the church was GORGEOUS that evening!


A beautiful tented reception awaited the bride & groom back on Amy’s parents’ property… as well as a yummy dinner catered by Reata!


Congratulations, Amy & Jon! We’re so glad we got to meet you and capture all the best moments from your special day. Enjoy your honeymoon time!:)

I had this blog post scheduled to go up on Wednesday… as we slow down for the year, we’ll be getting more into 3 day a week posting than my more beefy schedule. But it’s my cousin’s engagement pictures, and apparently, I’m not as immune to her anxious pleading as I am to everyone else. I just can’t help it! Rachel is still 4 years old in my eyes, running around with my sister and I begging to play mermaids. I can’t believe she’s getting married, but at the same time, I’m so very proud of her. She’s grown into a gorgeous woman, and it’s so clear to see after just a little while that she & Mervin are perfect for one another. Mack and I were so honored that they asked us to photograph their special day next summer, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time running around the countryside for this engagement session last week. If these portraits are any indication, their wedding is going to be FULL of beautiful moments we’re already excited to capture.:)

Enjoy just a few of my favorites!


This next spot was a bit of a hike to get to, but oh man was it worth it.




That. Sun. OMG.


We love you, Rachel & Mervin! We’re so excited for you and the amazing changes headed your way. Can’t wait for June!:)

  • Rachel Price - Wow… Just wow! These are beautiful! Chelsea, Mack, you guys are so amazing. This is such a crazy and wonderful time for Mervin and I. Everything has been going by so quickly, and it’s easy to get caught up in all the wedding planning/work/school. It’s sometimes hard to take the time to stop and think about how truly blessed and excited we are to be engaged. This photo shoot gave us a chance to do that. I can’t wait to see what blessings God has in store for us at our wedding, and I’m so glad that you will be there with us to capture it all! Thanks for being such wonderful family, friends, and photographers!!!!

We spent our Saturday evening in Aledo, another gorgeous weekend with a beautiful wedding! Amy & Jon were joined by family from all over, and friends from as far away as the couple’s home in Alaska, to celebrate their I Do’s. A simple church ceremony, a tented backyard reception… this laid back Texas event was absolutely perfect for the totally-chill Bride & Groom, and we were so honored to get to be the ones who captured all those memories for them.

As always, we’ll blog a few more favorite images later in the week… here’s just a little peek at the pretty!


Stay tuned, blogstalkers! We’re starting to slow down for the year — I can’t believe we’re almost done with 2014!  But we’ve got a new engagement session to share this week, and a half dozen sessions (and two more weddings!) to share in November. We blog because YOU look… so hey, thanks for caring what we’re up to!:)

We all know the story… boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, boy buys ring and has big plans to propose to girl, girl says, “I’ve got breast cancer.”

Wait…. WHAT?? That’s not how the story goes!!!

Unfortunately, that was real life for Kurt & Carley. Their fairytale took a sideways spin last year, and their plans for a wedding got put on hold with Carley’s diagnosis. Treatments & hair loss were her reality, instead of dress fittings & cake testings. And WOW is that a terrible trade.

The thing is, even before he had said the vows, Kurt meant them. He wasn’t married yet, but he still meant “in sickness and in health”. And through that struggle, this boy loved this girl. And when she was triumphant, they celebrated together. And last weekend, under the cover of gorgeous trees on a beautiful fall day, they made promises that everyone present knew they were already keeping. In sickness & in health, for ever & ever amen.

Guys, this wedding was an honor to photograph… and now it’s an honor to show it off.:)


We went off the beaten path a little at Chandler’s Gardens, and I’m glad we did… chasing light almost ALWAYS leads to more gorgeous portrait locations than just using what you’re “supposed” to use.;)


Showtime!! Just as the sun was setting, the ceremony kicked off deep in the trees.


Mr. & Mrs. Huie!


Our own favorite MegB pulled triple duty at this wedding as designer, day-of coordinator, and Carley’s hair & makeup artist. How she managed to get ALL those things done so beautifully just blows my mind!

McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_45McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_46McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_47McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_48McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_49McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_50McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_51McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_52McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_53McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_54McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_55McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_56McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_57McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_58McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_59McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_60McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_61McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_62McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_63McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_64McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_65McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_66McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_67McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_68McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_69McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_70McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_71McGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_71aMcGowanImages_Carley&Kurt_WeddingBlog_72Congratulations, Kurt & Carley! Not only on your wedding, but on already beating so many odds together. We can’t wait to see where the world takes you next… and we’ll see you soon for that epic bride & groom session!

  • carley huie - These are make me cry gorgeous!!!!!! You guys are simply the best. I can’t wait to see you again soon! Thank you for capturing our story so perfectly.

  • Lauren - OMG!!! These pictures capture the all around beauty of their love ND day of celebration!!! AMAZING!!!!! Beautiful!

  • Mad - That ceremony space is BREATHTAKING and her rings are stunning. Maybe my favorites bling ever! So much pretty!!!

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  • Cathy Guess - Thanks so much for sharing the Beautiful pictures and story about my Niece Carley and her Rock of a Hubby Kurt!
    Such a “fairy Tale” wedding for sure :)

  • Miranda - I cannot get over how soft and refined the bride’s hair looks!

  • Pat Wood - Well, after reading all the comments & looking again at the gorgeous pictures, nothing more can be said except
    That I was so happy to witness this wedding !!!! All I can say is WOW !!!!! Much love & happiness to my Great Neice Carley & Kurt.

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